lead lined door for x-ray rooms

Short Description:

3- 4mm lead coating

unique product patent

for Hospital radiology department

can be customized as swing door or sliding door

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Lead lined X-ray Doors Structure

A-Door frame; aluminum alloy profiles
B-Door leaf frame; aluminum alloy profiles
C-Vision window; tempered glass and lead glass
D-Window frame; aluminum alloy profiles
E-Locking system; impact resistance, anti-clamping, open smoothly, even by
using elbow
F-Door leaf core; aluminum honeycomb panel,
stable Hexagonal shape, fire resistance, waterproof,
moisture resistance and no harmful gases
G-Lead shielding panel

H-Door leaf panel; HPL or color steel
I-Adjusted seal bar

Our X-ray Door Features

Equipped with lead shielding panel in door leaf and door frame, X-ray protection and impact
Containing 2-4mmPa lead equivalent, barrier to radiation, leakage protection against harmful rays. "
Patented curving design, Smooth surface, easy to clean, dust-free.

lead lined door for x-ray rooms1 (1)
lead lined door for x-ray rooms1 (2)
lead lined door for x-ray rooms1 (3)
lead lined door for x-ray rooms1 (4)
lead lined door for x-ray rooms1 (5)
lead lined door for x-ray rooms1 (6)

Alminum honeycomb core

Alminum honeycomb core


Aerospace materials


Patent design

Patent constrcture of the door and door frame

Fire and flat

Edge without rust


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  • Hospital door & Cleanroom door FAQ


    Hospital & Cleanroom door Single leaf Double leaf Unequal double leaf
    Width of door/mm 800/900/950 120/1350 1500/1800
    Height of door/mm 2100
    Door opening width/mm 1300-3200 3300-5300 700-2000
    Thickness of door leaf/mm Standard 40/50
    Material of door leaf spray plate(0.6mm)/HPL panel (3mm)
    Door frame Aluminum , colored steel
    Door panel filler Aluminum honeycomb panel
    Fire protection grade B1
    Opening manual


    Motor system (only for automatic type of door)

    Joint venture system
    Power supply 220v/50Hz 110V/60Hz for choice
    Safety function Electric door clamp device 30cm/80cm ground clearance
    Way to open door automatic foot sensor, password or press-button
    Installing choice Sandwich panel, handicraft panel, wall door
    Wall thickness ≥50mm
    Types of lock Split series, leverset and more for options
    Functions Hygiene&Infection Control, to create cleaner, sustainable healthcare environments
    Applications Operating Theatres / X-Ray Theatres / Lead-lined/Recovery Rooms/Isolation Wards/High Dependency / ICU/CUU/Pharmacies

    Note: The dimension, door leaves, color and panel can be customized.


    We offer you a complete solution for all kinds of clean room doors with various materials, such as steel door, HPL door, galvanized steel door, glass door, metal door, aluminium frame door, main entrance door, entry door, exit door, swing door, sliding door manual or automatic.

    Product series for clean room and hospitals of every important area, like entryways, emergency rooms,hall separations,isolation rooms,operating rooms, ICU rooms, CUU rooms, etc.

    Hospital steel door

    Clean room window

    Pharmaceutical door

    Lab door

    HPL door

    ICU steel door

    ICU swing door

    ICU sliding door

    Manual X-ray door

    Lead lined door

    Automatic airtight door for operating room

    Automatic glass sliding door

    Vision window

    Double glazing window

    Ceiling air diffuser for operation room

    Clean room fan filter unit(FFU)

    Hospital bed head unit

    Aluminum profiles for clean room and hospital construction

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